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Five Unexpected Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Five Unexpected Health Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage


You’ve most likely heard that a massage can help with injuries and pain relief, widely known for improving back pain and lower back pain relief.  

It’s known that deep tissue massage is effective and popular. But there are also some benefits that you may not have known, suprising and unexpected. 

Five Unexpected Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage:


1. Get Better Sleep.

Getting a good night’s rest can improve all aspects of health and life. It is proven that a good night’s sleep leads to clearer thinking, healing, and optimal health. Many adults don’t get the adequate amount of sleep they need for optimal health and a lack of sleep can lead to many health problems. Nutrition and exercise are vital to proper sleep, but a deep tissue massage has also been reported to improve the quality and quantity of sleep.

2. Increase Flexibility & Muscle Strength.

The deep tissue massage technique actually manually stretches muscle fibers which helps to increase flexibility. For athletes and non-athletes, stiff muscles can inhibit muscle strength and circulation. To improve and build strength, helping your muscles relax and extend will offer the best results. Contracted, over-used, and under-used muscles leave the body prone to muscle weakness, as well as injury. Body & Mind Massage reccommends a regular deep tissue massage to promote balanced and improved muscle strengthening and flexibility.

3. Improve Blood Pressure.

Deep tissue massage makes a real impact on relaxation and lessening mental stress and physical tension. Many of our clients see a drop in their overall blood pressure after they’ve had a massage. As well as stress and tension relief, a deep tissue massage can boost serotonin-  the hormone that makes you feel happy. This means that a deep tissue massage offers stress reduction and increases happiness in general, as well as improved blood pressure.

4. Encourage Weight Loss.

Studies show that deep tissue massages can contribute to improved metabolism, and in turn, fat reduction. If you receive a massage in the area with excess fat, it will break up the fat stores which make it ready for absorption inside the body. Deep tissue massage encourages circulation and lymphatic flow, aiding in detoxification and weight loss. This is the most relaxing way to encourage weight loss!

5. Emotional Healing

Because past experiences and traumas are stored in our bodies, as well as our minds, a massage can help release the emotional pain as well as the physical. Many people have an emotional release during a massage such as crying and energetic shifts. Massage therapists are trained to maintain a safe and confidential space for their clients to release and heal, allowing your massage to help your physical and emotional health.

Book a massage appointment today at Body & Mind Therepuetic Massage & Day Spa to see the health and wellness benefits for yourself. 

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