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No Show / Late Cancellation Policy

Recently Body & Mind Therapeutic Massage & Day Spa has experienced a very high number of “No Shows” and “Late Cancellations”. Due to this we are instituting a:

$30 fee for all “No Shows & Late Cancellations”

We do understand that certain situations can prevent our clients from cancelling with the requested 24 hour notice. Waking up in the morning feeling ill or having a family member feeling ill that you have to take care of are a few of these instances. When this occurs we simply ask that you call us as early as possible to let us know you won’t be able to make it to your appointment. Similar to what we try and do when a therapist is out sick. Please leave a voicemail if calling outside of our business hours. The voicemail is checked early and often every day. We also understand that emergencies can arise and calling us is that last thing on your mind. We will call you when you miss your appointment and we simply ask for a return call, when you can, to let us know the cause for missing the appointment.

Some reasons being given for missing appointments do not qualify as legitimate reasons. “I just forgot about my appointment” does not. We email reminders and make confirming calls. There shouldn’t be any reason to just forget an appointment. “Something else came up” does not. Our therapists time is very valuable and cancelling at the last minute because you’ve decided to do something else prevents the therapist from making a living. Unfortunately calling in on short notice to cancel because “I got called into work” does not qualify either. We ask our clients to try and schedule their appointments at a time that they wouldn’t be subject to last minute call ins from work. When a client doesn’t show up or cancels on short notice it is very hard to fill that appointment slot and the therapist earns no money.

Charging or waiving the “No Show/Late Cancel Fee” is subject to management discretion. This decision does not fall on the front desk staff. They are merely relaying the decisions of management. If it is determined that a client is responsible for the fee, payment will be required before being allowed to rebook. Additionally we will require prepayment of the next appointment scheduled.

We truly appreciate each and every client who chooses us for their massage and esthetic needs. We also realize that this policy will not be an issue for the vast majority of our clients as they take responsibility for their appointments and act accordingly. It is mainly being targeted at the few clients who do not realize, or care, about the severe negative economic impact both the studio and therapists experience when appointments are not honored.