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Give the Gift of Health & Wellness this Holiday Season with a Therapeutic Massage from Body & Mind Therapeutic Massage

The holidays are almost here and it’s time to give your favorite family member, friend, employee, or coworker the most precious gift of pain relief and health with a gift certificate to Body & Mind Therapeutic Massage in Chelmsford MA. Minutes off 495 in Chelmsford MA, and a short drive from Lowell, North Billerica, Billerica, Tewksbury, Westford, Dracut, Andover, and surrounding towns, Body & Mind is a convenient, affordable, and health-centric gift anyone will love and appreciate.

Pain Relief & Healing Can Always Begin Where Pain Exists – Learn How Body & Mind Massage Therapists Can Help You & Your Loved Ones

It is common knowledge that our society is struggling with health. With the consist increasing rate of obesity, growing numbers of chronic diseases, and the minimal available resources for healing options and financing, many are now looking for effective alternative therapies pain relief as well as for their minds and bodies. Whether you’ve experienced pain yourself or you know of someone who has pushed themselves too far and been injured in training or working out, you know that pain can be a non-stop, life changing and exhausting experience.

Therapeutic massage is one effective and affordable way to focus on the health of your mind and body. With the holidays coming up fast, the gift of relief from pain and tension and improved health is a priceless present that anyone in your life will apprecaite and love.Along with pain mitigation and stress relief, many of our massage therapy clients finds that they sleep better and reduce tension….What gift could be better than all-around health and relxation for your mind and body?

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage:

  • Improves Circulation
  • Promotes Wellness & Relaxation
  • Relieves Headaches and Migraines
  • Increases Range of Motion
  • Mitigates & Relieves Muscle Pain 
  • Alleviates Stress and Anxiety
  • Decreases Physical and Emotional Stress
  • Relieves Neck Tension, Specific Tensions

Why is Therapeutic Massage a Great Gift?

Whether you know someone looking for a relaxation and stress relief in self care, or someone who needs an effective alternate therapy for healing and helping pain or even chronic pain, Therapeutic Massage is for them. You can visit Body & Mind Therapeutic Massage & Day Spa at the Chelmsford MA location to speak to a licensed messes about the options for massages that would be best for your loved one and their specific needs. Or you can learn more online at and purchase a general gift card for Body & Mind Therapeutic Massage to allow your love ones to schedule and find the massage services and benefits they most want anytime.

Which Massage Is The Best Gift?

There are options like deep tissue massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, prenatal massage, or other types of massages that help promote relaxation and reduce tension. You can choose the option that your loved one needs or wants the most, or you can purchase a gift card at Body & Mind Therapeutic Massage and allow your loved one to talk to the licensed massage therapists to get adjusted and massaged according to their individual needs, wants and discomforts. The massage therapist will work with the person who is receiving the service to help find the right massage and technique to help improve and relieve problems specific to them.

Great Corporate Gift Idea, Something Employees Always Appreciate!

The holidays can bring a sense of frantic urgency to finding the perfect gift, only to result in a token gift basket or other gift which may be “nice”, but isn’t necessarily something they would want or use themselves. The gift of therapeutic massage is something every employee and coworker appreciates and can use to improve their health, wellness, and relaxation efforts. It is affordable, and shows your appreciation and care for your employees by gifting them a gift to improve their  wellness and health. A gift certificate for a therapeutic massage from Body & Mind is the gift of health and wellness that every employee or coworker enjoys and appreciates.

Contact Body & Mind Therapeutic Massage & Day Spa

Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re not sure of which type of massage your loved one would want or benefit from, you can call Body & Mind or drop by for a visit to learn more at our Chelmsford MA office on 116 Chelmsford St.

Our knowledgable staff and team of licensed massage therapists can suggest a service that may be beneficial for your loved one specifically, or you can purchase a gift card if you’d prefer they find what they are looking for privately. Massage sessions are available in 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute sessions, as well as other options such as cupping, facials, and waxing services.

This is the best time to get the perfect  holiday gift for your loved ones that will improve their health and benefit their wellness, a gift certificate for therapeutic massage. You can also purchase a gift certificate online for Massages, Facials, and Cash certificates at a

Body & Mind Therapeutic Massage & Day Spa Wishes you a healthy and happy holiday season.